New Era Web Solutions Announces Acquisition of Port Hosts

New Era Web Solutions LLC is a Missouri-based web services company that specializes in total web solutions.  Founded in 2016 the company has effectively positioned its self for further acquisitions.

Saint Louis, MO—New Era Web Solutions is a provider of web solutions online.  The company has recently acquired Porthosts.  This type of acquisition is normal in this line of business and the transition of clients from one company to the next will be as seamless as possible to all involved.  The company would like current customers of both hosting companies to know that the acquisition will not change their current plans or pricing, but will instead add another layer of service to their contracts, as well as, increase the value of the plans with stable hosting and increased “up time.”

“We are excited to acquire Porthosts and add the hosting services to our brand,” says company spokesperson Anuj Dharan.  “We want to notify current clients of the acquisition, as well as, let them know that the parent company, Porthosts, believed that they could not provide their clients with the type of support and stability they deserved and therefore sold the companies to us in hopes that we could better provide for their client’s needs.  This acquisition will help us grow in domain depth and as a service provider.”

New Era Web Solutions will be migrating all of the client’s services to more powerful, robust and efficient servers that will increase the reliability of their service and their options for growth.  The company maintains that it is “is excited to get started” and promises their new customers that they intend to provide a high level of value and service in accordance to the company mission.  New Era Web Solutions wishes to integrate high quality service with superior products so that they may consistently exceed market expectations.

As a take over we will be migrating all the VPS accounts to our robust infrastructure. You will be able to login to the new era billing system with your existing username and password that you are using for porthosts. 

The company wants current clients of either hosting company to know that should they have questions or concerns about the transition and what it means to contact their office at any time at via a support ticket on the company website: http://NewEra.Host

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